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My name is actually Sam,

Naturally, this scared the living shit out of me

Placeable responds:

Aaaaaw yeeeaaah! Its gonna happen man, the darkness is coming just for YOU! :D

found a glitch! Sometimes when pulling an aircraft into the water, the camera zooms in and stays zoomed in even after the aircraft is destroyed, until you grab another vehicle (which is hard because the camera is zoomed in to much to see)

Atleast, i think its a glitch! but apart from that its a perfect game, so im gonna give you all the stars

This game is brilliant

I can't fathom why it hasn't been placed on the front page. This game is really good, and it deserves more than just 25 reviews.

ttursas responds:

They featured Temple of Death instead of Drop Dead 3, on the day when DD3 was the daily 2nd and ToD was the daily 4th. The author of ToD seems to be an active member here on Newgrounds...

Poor old andy

I think i've rinsed the poor guy out of all his cash
anyway, good game, lots of different things to do and was really fun

Its meant to be a joke

Clearly, this isnt a dead serious game, its a tongue in cheek one and should be reviewed as such, not 'hurr durr only one button is stupid''

Its allright

The animation was really good... however there are several problems with this flash.
The first time i tried to play i encountered big as soon as i used the file on the bars. the 'space' action disappeared and i was stuck in the room. Not really a big deal but thought i'd point it out.
The game is really, really short, i thought there'd atleast be a boss battle or something with the king but after getting the key it just sorta ends...
The voice acting was ok, if aimed more at a younger audience. i spose younger players would et a bigger kick outta this.
all in all it was ok! the cinematic was good , music and animation, but the voice acting annoyed me and was reallyyyy short. Well done tho guys its not bad!

MonoFlauta responds:

Ok ok, dont worry, the second part will be longer and also, is planned a boss fight. Thanks for the review :)


ok seeing as alot of people don't seem to think there are 'loose ends' .. but there arn't really any. you just have to work it out yourself you lazy people!

Sound is as perfect as the other two, the song in the bar blew me away
the art, as always, is epic in like every way
all in all it was brilliant, i was just hoping for a secret ending or something, or a

battle with cheshire /actually seeing more of cheshire lol. unless ive missed something!? :O
the ending was very sudden, but was still good. An epic end to an epic series.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks :D

Sorry, no secret endings :(


yeah really fun game, there are actually atleast five medals to get. Two dont actually give u any points, but still lol.


why are people voting low because they thik its not funny/ a game? its an art collab ppl, not a fucking shooting game.
was really nice art, well done on the collab guys :D

Really fun

Gets hard pretty early, and started lagging ALOT towards the end... however the art was good, the music was good, and i had fun!
Plus, the lag was probably because of my shit computer lol.
All in all 10/10 :)

3D-xelu responds:

no comment about the lag *whistling* hehe... thanks for the review :P

''Sam you've been up all week drinking beer, in fact u ran out of that and are now drinking toilet cleaner. I think your an alchoholic'' ''FUCK YOU''

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